Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about DAKOTA.
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How many musicians are in the band? 
DAKOTA is a 4-Piece band featuring Drums, Bass, Two Guitars (including synth) All four band members sing so there is good variety during the night in terms of songs and singers. Plus there is great vocal harmony in every song!

Do you provide a DJ service? 
Yes we do. Just make note on your enquiry that you are looking for a price for DJ and band and we will quote you for same. DJ will be set up same time as the band so there is no break in between. Remember you can also book your own DJ separately and we will liaise with them prior to set up to ensure smooth transition between band and DJ. However we have very good rates available and our overall package of band and DJ is as competitive as what's out there..

How can I be sure that the group of musicians I hire will be the same musicians who will perform at my wedding/event?
DAKOTA is a "set" group, which means every member in our band will be the same every time. We do not employ freelance musicians. In the event of illness a substitute of equal ability will be employed but this is an extremely rare occurrence.

What is the band's dress code?
The typical dress code for the band at formal events is a black suit, white shirt and black tie. 

Can your band play all types of music?
The versatility of DAKOTA is such that our musicians can authentically perform a wide variety of music. Our song list is extensive and includes music from every era. Have a look at our setlist.

How many breaks do the band take and how long do they play?
For a wedding, the 3 hour set includes a 20 minute break during which your guests will be served with tea/coffee and light finger food.
At a corporate event/celebration, the band usually plays continuously for 2 hours without a break. Taking into consideration the timing of events like this the band will play from 11pm-1am or midnight-2am depending on the night and bar extensions.

Will the band perform at a volume that is comfortable for me and for my guests? 
DAKOTA have some of the most modern sound and audio equipment available today to ensure that you hear the best quality music.

Will the band learn a special song?
If you provide 6-8 weeks notice, and a CD or MP3 of your song, we will perform it for you on the night. If for any reason we think that we cannot perform your chosen song, we will discuss this with you and arrange for it to be performed on CD, but we will do our upmost to accommodate your special request whatever that may be.

How do we make a booking?
To book DAKOTA just fill out the booking form on the contact page to check our availability and if your date is available we will provide you with a quotation for your event. We will then ask you for a security deposit to secure your date. You will then be issued with a booking confirmation. After that we will be in contact with you over the months prior to your event to finalise any special requests you may have.

Can you give us an estimate of how much you cost?
Costs vary from each event location and scheduling. The best way to get a quote is to complete the form on the contact page, making sure to provide as much detailed info on your event as possible, and we generally provide you with a quotation within 24 hrs.